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Department of Mining

Technology, design and research

Department of Mining

Comprehensive development and utilization of energetic resources and mineral deposits

    • Plans for development and operation of deposits
    • Feasibility studies for brown coal deposits
    • Environmental impact assessment of exploitation of brown coal and rock materials
    • Development of drainage systems and compaction of geological formations to improve stability of landslides and embankments
    • Development of concession applications for the exploitation of rock mineral deposits
    • Post-mining land reclamation projects
    • GPS measurements, mining surveys, mapping and land inventory

Mining, processing and enrichment of minerals

    • Development of technologies for processing, enrichment and management of mineral resources
    • Processing and treatment of raw materials and waste accompanying mineral deposits, including the design of technological lines

Engineering geology and geotechnical engineering for construction , opencast mining, storage of materials and waste

  • Research and expert opinions in the field of engineering geology, geotechnics, soil mechanics and natural hazards
  • Engineering geology reports for civil engineering projects, construction of buildings, design of opencast mines, storage of materials and wastew
  • Drilling and geophysical survey
  • Laboratory tests of soil physical properties and soil strength
  • Geotechnical monitoring with use of standard and on-line methods, inclinometers, measurements of pore pressure, groundwater conditions and land subsidence, weather monitorin
  • Slope stability analysis with use of LEM, SSR and FEM, incorporating data on groundwater conditions, dynamic and static loads and results of monitoring
  • Landslide stabilization projects for public roads and infrastructure


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