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Department of Geology and Environmental Protection

Technology, design and research

Department of Geology and Environmental Protection

Deposit geology and modeling

    • Designing, setting up and maintaining of geological and drilling databases with the visualization of a borehole card
    • Computer-assisted geological and mining works in the field of quantitative and qualitative characteristics of the deposits along with visualization in arbitrarily set volumes (geostatistical analyzes, maps, geological cross-sections, charts, resource calculations)
    • Modeling of deposit conditions and creation of multidimensional digital deposit models together with the geometry of the outcrop

Hydrogeology and remediation of waters

    • Documenting groundwater resources
    • Draining mines and engineering structures
    • Protection of groundwater against the negative impact of human activities
    • Modeling flow and mass transport in groundwater
    • Designing groundwater and surface water intakes/li>
    • Methods for renaturalization of surface water for the needs of municipal management
    • Activation, renovation and decolation of intake and drainage wells
    • Water quality testing

Environmental protection and waste disposal

  • Zoning plans for mining areas
  • Forecasts of the effects of exploitation technologies on the natural environment
  • Development of technologies for the utilization of organic waste of various origins
  • Development of technology for the production of preparations for use in agriculture (for fertilizing purposes and in animal nutrition)
  • Degradation of hydrocarbons in contaminated soils
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