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Mining Machines and Conveyor Belts

Fields of activity "Poltegor-Institute"

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Technology, design and research of mining machines

  • Tests of machines’ capacities and specific cutting forces
  • Optimizing parameters of machines which operate under non-standard geotechnical conditions
  • Assessment of machines’ load-bearing structures and mechanisms with use of non-destructive testing
  • Defining scope of modernization, repair and reconstruction for excavators, stackers and belt conveyors
  • Development and implementation of technologies for reconstruction of mining machine elements
  • Assessment of technical documents and manufactured products for compliance with the EU requirements
  • Computer simulation of mechanical systems
  • Continuous monitoring and assessment of steel load-bearing structures with respect to fatigue and ultimate strength
  • Designs of belt conveyors


dr inż Jerzy Alenowicz
+48 71 348 81 35

Testing and selection of conveyor belts

  • Assessment of usability of belts for operation under specific conditions
  • Selection of belts for conveyors and operational conditions considering given capacity and conveyor angle
  • Technology for connecting and repairing standard, heat-resistant, oil-resistant belts and special belts with profiled lining
  • Technical documents for prototype rubber, rubber -metal and fabric – rubber items


mgr inż. Jarosław Prykowski
+48 71 348 81 32

Prototype hydraulic control systems

  • Innovative technical solutions for control and hydraulic systems for devices used to connect and repair conveyor belts along with a heating system of a vulcanizing unit
  • Utilization of metal detectors for high-capacity belt conveyors


dr inż. Edward Pagacz
+48 71 348 82 01


Laboratory NM-1 Machine Diagnostics
Laboratory LT Conveyor Belts
Laboratory DI Thermal and Electrical Diagnostics and Hydraulic Systems

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