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Other laboratories

LG Laboratory of Geotechnical Engineering and Engineering Geology

  • Inclinometer, piezometer and pore pressure measurements, standard and on-line landslide monitoring
  • Drilling, soil sounding and installation of ground movements monitoring points and piezometers in landslide zones
  • GPR scanning, microseismic surveying
  • Strength tests in triaxial and direct shear apparatus
  • Compressibility tests
  • Index tests
  • Post-processing GPS measurements and landslide mapping


Contact person

dr Zbigniew Bednarczyk
Phone: +48 71 348 81 56

LC Laboratory of the Deposits Digital Modeling

  • Designing, establishing and maintaining geological and drilling databases with the visualization of the borehole card
  • Computer aided geological and mining works in the field of quantitative and qualitative characteristics of the deposits along with visualization in arbitrary sets (geostatistical analyzes, maps, geological cross-sections, graphs, resource calculations)
  • Modeling of deposit conditions and creation of multidimensional digital deposit models along with the geometry of the outcrop

Contact person

dr Grażyna Ślusarczyk
Phone: +48 71 348 82 26

LS Laboratory of Rock Processing

  • Analysis of grain size
  • Determination of dust content
  • Rock sample grinding
  • Magnetic separation of minerals at laboratory and industrial stands
  • Electrical separation of plastic materials
  • Observation of hydrodynamic separation of mineral hydromixture
  • Separation of minerals in a zigzag air separator

Contact person

mgr inż. Arkadiusz Grześkowiak
Phone: +48 71 348 81 34

LT Laboratory of Conveyor Belts

  • Tensile strength, adhesion strength, cord-to-rubber adhesion
  • Ageing resistance
  • Flame retardancy and electrical conductivity
  • Selection of vulcanizing materials for bonding
  • Testing of lining rubber

Contact person

mgr inż. Jarosław Prykowski
Phone: +48 71 348 81 32

DI Laboratory of Thermal and Electrical Diagnostics and Hydraulic Systems

Badania diagnostyczne:

  • Diagnostic testing of electrical control devices of high and medium capacity and their construction
  • Selection, construction and testing of high-pressure hydraulic systems
  • Tests of control systems and hydraulic actuator systems for devices used to connect and repair conveyor belts
  • Diagnostics of electrical heating devices, including vulcanizing plates and hydraulic presses

Contact person

dr inż. Edward Pagacz
Phone: +48 71 348 82 01

ZW Laboratory of Brown Coal Gasification

  • Laboratory analysis of raw materials (determination of calorific value, heat of combustion, dry matter, dry organic matter, moisture content, ashiness, volatile matter)
  • Testing of the pressure gasification process – energy development of raw materials – execution of pressure gasification tests on lignite samples as well as biomass
  • Research on the pyrolytic process of raw materials conversion – energy development of raw materials – thermal conversion of natural resources and biomass using the pyrolysis process
  • Methane fermentation – energy development of raw materials – methane fermentation tests of raw materials containing organic matter

Contact person

mgr Dominika Kufka
Phone: +48 71 348 82 16

LB Laboratory of Biotechnology

  • Research on technologies for the utilization of various origin organic waste
  • Bioremediation of contaminated soils
  • Research on the technology of processing humic raw materials (lignite, peat) for management in agriculture
  • Research on the use of dust from rock raw materials processing plants for fertilizing purposes
  • Research in the field of production of mineral-organic preparations based on humic raw materials and bioactive compounds from selected plants for use in animal nutrition
  • Analyzes of mercury content in environmental and biological tests using the AAS method

Contact person

dr inż. Anna Choińska-Pulit
Phone: +48 71 348 82 72

LM Laboratory of Environmental Microbiology

    • Microbiological monitoring of soils, composts, waters, sewage and sewage sludge
    • Studies on changes in water composition in filtration processes by geological formations

Contact person

dr inż. Justyna Sobolczyk
Phone: +48 71 348 82 52

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