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Fields of activity

Opencast Mining Institute

Slide geologia Geology, Hydrogeology and Geotechnics Slide gornictwo Opencast Mining Slide maszyny Mining machines and conveyor belts Slide srodowisko Environment Protection and Geoinformation

Geology, Hydrogeology, Geotechnics

Opencast Mining

  • Technology of quarrying with use of explosives and optimization of drilling and blasting works
  • Comprehensive development and utilization of energetic resources and mineral deposits
  • Mining, processing and enrichment of minerals
  • Laboratory NS-1 Seismic Analysis
  • Laboratory LS Rock Processing

Mining Machines and Conveyor Belts

  • Technology, design and research of mining machines
  • Testing and selection of conveyor belts
  • Prototype hydraulic control systems
  • Laboratorium NM-1 Machine Diagnostics
  • Laboratory DI Thermal and Electrical Diagnostics and Hydraulic Systems
  • Laboratory LT Conveyor Belts

Environmental Protection and Geoinformation

  • Biotechnology and waste utilization
  • Thermal and biological conversion of organic materials
  • Dispersed energy sources and Spatial modelling with GIS
  • Laboratory ZW Brown Coal Gasification
  • Laboratory LB Biotechnology
  • Laboratory LM Environmental Microbiology
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