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Opencast Mining Institute

Awarded technologies

The strategic objective of the Institute is to create innovative, clean and environmentally friendly technologies and implement new technical solutions in opencast mining industry. Due to professionalism and creativity of authors and contributors to innovative proposals, for many years “Poltegor-Institute” has taken part in a global competition at the International Salon of Innovation and Research EUREKA in Brussels and International Invention Fair Concours-Lepine in Paris.

“Poltegor Institute” is a organizer and co-organizer of many scientific conferences and a participant of various national and international fairs promoting innovative solutions. In addition, by decision of the international jury, “Poltegor-Institute” was awarded the Knight, Officer and Commander’s Cross of the Order of Innovation by the Supreme Belgian Decorations Commission for presented innovative achievements and remarkable quality of inventions, and was awarded the gold medal of the European Institute of Communities for the Promotion of Commercial Activities in the area of innovation.

As a result of activities in the area of promoting research and development “Poltegor-Institute” was awarded many prizes for “the promotion of Polish science in the world” by the Polish Minister of Science and Chairman of the Committee for Scientific Research.



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