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About the Institute

Opencast Mining Institute

The origins of the Institute

The history of “Poltegor-Institute” dates back to the 1950s
when a regional department of the Central Bureau of Coal Industry Designs in Katowice was founded in Wroclaw.

In 1955 it was transformed into an autonomous Lower Silesian Mining Design Office (DBPG).

On January, the 1st 1968, due to the merger of DBPG with Brown Coal Scientific Research Department of GIG in Wroclaw, Research and Design Center of Opencast Mining – Poltegor was established.

In 1991 “Poltegor-Institute” Opencast Mining Institute in Wroclaw was created.


Our mission

The Institute’s mission is the development and implementation of innovative industrial technologies, processes, methods and technical solutions for purposes of surface mining and environment protection.

The mission is realized with use of resources of the Institute, which comprise research staff, laboratories, equipment, test benches and specialized software.

The strategic objective of the Institute is to create innovative, clean and environmentally friendly mining and processing technologies and implement new technical solutions in opencast mining industry.
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