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Environmental protection and geoinformation

Fields of activity "Poltegor-Institute"

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Biotechnology and waste utilization

  • Recycling technologies for various types of organic waste
  • Developing technologies for manufacturing agricultural products (fertilizers and animal feed)
  • Degradation of hydrocarbons in contaminated soils


dr inż. Anna Choińska-Pulit
+48 71 348 82 72

Thermal and biological conversion of organic materials

  • Studies of thermal conversion (gasification and pyrolysis) of brown coal, biomass and organic waste
  • Developing and adapting technologies for thermal conversion of organic substrates in order to obtain desired post-processing products
  • Biological treatment (anaerobic digestion) of organic substrates
  • Defining composition of fermentation inputs characterized by high biogas profitability


mgr Dominika Kufka
+48 71 348 82 16

Dispersed energy sources

  • Evaluation of energy potentials and possible directions of distributed energy development
  • Developing strategies and concepts of using renewable sources of energy at regional and local levels
  • Dissemination of modern technological solutions for the efficient use of natural resources
  • Developing strategies and concepts to reduce energy consumption and reduce emissions
  • Research and analysis supporting development of green energy sources


mgr Barbara Rogosz
+48 71 348 82 34

Spatial modelling with GIS

  • Creating databases and their maintenance
  • Design of interactive map services
  • Cartographic data visualization (2D, 3D)
  • Modelling and variant analysis of changes in space
  • Spatial statistics, surface modelling and networks
  • Analyses related to renewable energy potentials


mgr Barbara Rogosz
+48 71 348 82 34


Laboratory ZW Brown Coal Gasification
Laboratory LB Biotechnology
Laboratory LM Environmental Microbiology

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